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Restoration of over used Horse Pastures

Our Company provides complete pasture restoration and renovation services and supplies
to the discriminating horse owner. We offer affordable solutions and services to restore or
renovate overgrazed and infertile pastures on farms, acreages and equine facilities to
productivity and vitality once again.

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Pasture Perfect® Grass Seed is the Brand of Choice

Now you can get improved forage seed mixtures that work! We've combined the talents of worldwide research with regional distributor/extension recommendations to provide a family of outstanding forage seed mixtures.

Pasture Perfect® uses grass varieties that have been scientifically proven to increase milk production and/or weight gain. Pasture Perfect not only provides the energy your livestock needs… it will persist too. Trust the original and proven forage seed program to get the most out of your livestock.

Each Pasture Perfect® mixture contains at least 70% improved varieties. Improved varieties are those that have been proven to exceeded common varieties for species classification in the areas of palatability, feed value, digestibility, yield, and grazing. (See Pasture Perfect® LAH™ varieties)

Like a perfect pasture, our Pasture Perfect® mixtures are regularly being upgraded. Additionally, each mix listed below can be modified to better fit various regions, uses, and management practices. Never hesitate to ask for a custom mix. That’s what Pasture Perfect® is all about.

Profitability of Pasture Renewal

Increasing the productivity of your farm through pasture renewal is an excellent way of increasing your farm's profitability. Successful renovation of poor pasture gives high returns which few other farm investments can match. The potential gains, measured by independent advisers, show that returns from increased animal outputs far outwiegh regrassing costs with up to a 50% return on investment per year over an estimated 7 year life of the pasture.

Reasons to Renovate

Increase Pasture Production
Improve Animal Performance
Replace Toxic Grasses
Plant Improved Forage Varieties (including LAH™ varieties)
Utilize Forages that Extend the Grazing Period
Kill existing Undesirable Weeds and Grasses
Become More Profitable
Most Popular Pasture Perfect® Forage Mixes

Multi-Purpose Mixture

A high yielding grass mix that provides high quality, palatable, and persistent pastures all season long for cattle, sheep and horses. Each variety in Multi-Purpose Mix performs well for multiple harvest schemes including green-chop, haylege, and grazing. Multi-Purpose Mix is endophyte-free.

Multi-Purpose Plus Mixture

An excellent mix for dairy, beef, or sheep producers. This mix is made up of 90% grass and 10% legumes, which will add pounds of milk, meat or wool to the farm production. The varieties selected for this mix work well in multiple harvest schemes including; hay, green-chop, haylege, and grazing. This mix also works well in heavier soils. Multi-purpose Plus Mix is endophyte-free.

Renovator Special Mix

This mixture was designed for renovating pastures or hay fields. The mix adds very palatable and high quality grasses into the pasture with quick return. Many farmers and horse owners have grazed as early as six weeks after sowing Renovator Special.

The grasses that make up this mix are easily established and can be frost-seeded, no-tilled, or overseeded into established fields. Dairy, beef, and sheep producers, along with horse owners can all benefit from using Renovator Special. It performs well for multiple harvest schemes including green-chop, haylege, and grazing. Renovator Special is endophyte-free.

Show Horse Mixture

This mixture provides the horse owner with endophyte-free pastures all season long. Each variety in Show Horse was selected to handle the close grazing habit of horses. Show Horse performs well for making hay or grazing. This mix works well in all areas where cool-season forages can be grown. Show Horse is a "horse-friendly" mix



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Restore Your Horse Pastures to productive fertile grazing once again.


Does you Pasture look like this... Worn Out and Over Used Pastures can be Restored !


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Pine Wood Shavings for Horse Bedding

High Quality Bulk Pine Shavings for Horse Bedding - Click Here

Animal Bedding - Pine Wood Shavings

Our High Quality engineered wood shavings are packaged in convenient industry standard FIBC bulk totes and compressed into the bag for an impressive 300+cubic feet of loose perfectly sized extra thin wood shavings.

Our Britewood shavings are NOT made from mill waste sawdust or other industrial
waste wood fiber.

Our wood shavings are engineered specifically for animal bedding.

We cut our shavings from clean but mill rejected wood which allows us to make the shavings the ideal size and thickness required for perfect animal bedding material.

Much more cost effective , 40-50 % less than small plastic wrapped bales !